KWMS is committed to facilitating the development of the “whole child” through nurturing, encouragement and guidance. We provide a specialized secure environment allowing for the fulfillment of the potential of each child and fostering a lifelong love of learning, independence and self-worth.


KWMS has over 44 years of providing a trusted, inclusive Montessori program while valuing the individuality of each child. By making the most of our close knit “small” school community, children are given the best care and attention throughout the entire day which allows us to develop positive, long-lasting relationships with the children and their families. We create a unique learning environment in which every child learns in a prepared and peaceful environment. Our faculty is caring, highly trained professionals who passionately aid in developing self-confidence and self-esteem at every stage of a child’s development.

The KWMS meets the highest standard for providing an authentic Montessori education and is an Accredited Member in good standing.