The K-W Montessori School is a co-educational private school administered by a trained directress with over 40 years of teaching experience. We have been offering quality programs since 1972.

We offer pre-school, kindergarten and elementary programs from ages 21/2 to 12 years. Our pre-school program is licensed under the Ministry of Education and our elementary program is registered under the Ministry of Education.


Our programs are CCMA accredited. Each classroom is fully equipped with Montessori materials according to the age level of the students. Our bright, spacious, and stimulating classrooms provide a natural sequence of specialized materials and activities through which children can progress at a rate best suited to their individual needs.

The programs offered are divided into three year cycles: ages 21/2 – 6 years, 6-9 years and 9-12 years. The Montessori curriculum for each level is based on a three year cycle where the children progress from one year to the next working through the age-appropriate materials. All of our programs are enhanced by instruction in French, physical education, art and music.


Our teaching faculty are specially trained from AMI/MACTE certified programs.
They are an essential link between the student and the Montessori environment.
The primary role of the teacher is to ensure that the program meets the needs of every individual child.
Montessori teachers are trained to observe the child in order to determine each child’s developmental and academic needs. They present appropriate materials and lessons when it is suitable for each child.
RECE teaching assistants and specialty teachers who are not Montessori trained are required to become familiar with the Montessori philosophy and are encouraged to enroll in Montessori workshops or courses.